Jazz Festival

Downtown Hastings – April 24, 25, & 26, 2014


Started in 2003, the Thornapple Arts Council Jazz Festival has grown to be the largest jazz festival of its kind matching more student groups and performers to professional jazz musicians through its clinician program than any other festival in the United States.  This non-competitive festival puts education and jazz promotion and appreciation at its core.  The festival draws over 10,000 people and provides a weekend of free jazz performance to the public and the chance for student groups to come in from around the state to work with professional musicians.  Headlining performance are available for a small fee allowing residents of rural Barry County and the surrounding area the opportunity to experience acts like the internationally known Four Freshmen.

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2014 Performance Schedule

 Thursday, April 24, 2014

Location: Hastings City Bank
Performer                                                       Director/Leader         Time
Lowell Middle School                                      Dale Latva                   9:30
Muskegon Heights High School Jazz Band      Alexander Hamilton    10:30
Dewitt Junior High Jazz Blue                           Chris Pike                    11:30
Thornapple-Kellogg HS Jazz Band                  Ray Rickert                  1:00
Wayland High School Jazz Express                 Kelli Smith                   2:00
Battle Creek Lakeview High School                Brian Massey               3:30
Niles High School                                            Josh Doe                      4:30
Ionia Middle School                                        Tom Brill                     5:30

Location: Walldorff Bistro Ballroom
Performer                                                       Director/Leader         Time
Caledonia High School                                                Kyle Wellfare              9:30
Grandville Middle School 8th Grade                Maureen Ross              10:30
Catholic Central High School                           Ann Reinhard              11:30
Caledonia High School Orchestra                    Bryan Kolk                  1:00
Forest Hills Eastern High School                      Bob Engelsman                        2:00
Grand Rapids Catholic Middle School             Matt Palmieri               3:30
Ionia High School                                            Scott Beyer                  4:30
Wyoming High School                                                 Brian Ambrose                        5:30

Location: Old Library
Performer                                                       Director/Leader         Time
Hastings Middle School                                               Spencer White             9:30
Harper Creek High School                               Bryan Borders             10:30
Muskegon Orchard View                                 Bryan Merchant                       11:30
Coloma High School                                        Cheryl Thomas                        1:00
Hopkins High/Middle School                           Jessica Williams           2:00
Forest Hills Central  Jazz Workshop                Matt Matuszek             3:30
Hastings High School                                       Spencer White             4:30
Forest Hills Central Jazz Orchestra                  Matt Matuszek             5:30

Location: State Grounds Coffee House
Performer                                                       Director/Leader         Time
Ionia High School Combo                               Scott Beyer                  2:30

Music In The Restaurants While You Dine

Seasonal Grille            Earlie Braggs/Steve Kamerling             12:00 – 2:00
Walldorff Bistro          Tony LaJoye Trio                                12:00 – 2:00


Headliner Concert – 7:30 PM
Thornapple Jazz Orchestra  Joe LaJoye,  Director        1st Presbyterian Church, 405 N M-37 Hwy              With Special Guest:  Earlie Braggs


Friday, April 25, 2014

Location: Hastings City Bank
Performer                                                       Director/Leader         Time
Valleywood/Crestwood Middle School                        Jason Proctor               9:00
Comstock Park High School Jazz Ensemble    Larry Moore                10:00
St. Louis High School Jazz Band                     Stephen Lawhorne       11:00
Meridian High School Jazz Ensemble              Matthew Shephard       12:30
Fowlerville High School Jazz Band                 Bill Vliek                     1:30
Cedar Springs High School Jazz Band             Robert Robuck                        2:30
Jackson High School                                       Joel Shaner                  3:30

Location: Walldorff Bistro Ballroom
Performer                                                       Director/Leader         Time
Caledonia Middle School Jazz Band                Don Raaymakers         9:00
Kraft Middle School Jazz Orchestra                David Sowerby                        10:00
South Haven High School Jazz Band               Jeff Bopp                    11:00
Mt. Pleasant High School Jazz Band                Matt Taton                   12:30
Dewitt HS Thad Jones Admiration Society      Mike Norman              1:30
West Michigan Home School Jazz Band 1       Larry Moore                2:30
Spring Lake High School Jazz Band                Mike Truszkowski       3:30
Byron Center High School Jazz Band              Marc Townley             5:00
Byron Center High School Jazz Orchestra       Marc Townley             6:00

Location: Old Library
Performer                                                       Director/Leader         Time
Lakewood High School Jazz Club                   Marc Palma                  9:00
Dewitt Junior High Jazz Band Gold                 Chris Pike                    10:00
Jackson  Northwest High School Jazz Band    Bryan Mangiavellano   11:00
Sparta High School Jazz Band                         Kayla Cordell/Jim Walsh12:30
South Lyon High School Jazz Band                 Kevin Cort                   1:30
Jackson Middle School at Parkside                  Kevin Krieger              2:30
Oxford High School Jazz Band                                   John Hill                      3:30
Byron Center High School Jazz Lab                Megan Soukup             4:30

Location: Hastings Public Library
Performer                                                       Director/Leader         Time
West Michigan Home School Jazz Band 2       Jared March                 9:00
Newaygo High School Jazz Band                    Trevor Kline                10:00
Coopersville High School Jazz Cats                 Scott Struyk                 11:00
West Ottawa High School Jazz I                                  Mike Hamann              12:30
Rockford High School Jazz Ensemble             Cullen McCarthy         1:30
Ludington High School Jazz Band                   Keith Kuczynski          2:30
Byron Center West Middle School                   Dave Klein                  3:30

Location: Episcopal Church
Performer                                                       Director/Leader         Time
Battle Creek Lakeview Concert Choir              Greg Black                   9:30
Hastings Select Womens’ Ensemble                Matt Callaghan             10:00
Maple Valley High School                               Ryan Rosin                  10:30
Battle Creek Lakeview Cantabile                     Greg Black                   11:30
Caledonia 8th Grade Choir                               Colleen Kalajainen      12:00
Grand Rapids City Jeweltones                         Darla Jewell                 1:00
Hastings High School Varsity Singers              Matt Callaghan             1:30
Lakewood High School Vagabonds                 Jim Miller                    2:00
Byron Center HS Vocal Expressions               Kris Ryskamp              2:30
Battle Creek Lakeview Spartanaires                 Greg Black                   3:15

Location: State Grounds Coffee House
Performer                                                       Director/Leader         Time
Jackson Parkside Middle School Combo                     Kevin Krieger              10:00
Jackson High School Combo 6                                    Joel Shaner                  11:00
Comstock Park High School Combo                Larry Moore                12:00
Home School 7 Combo                                               Larry Moore                1:00
Jackson High School Combo 8                                    Joel Shaner                  2:00
Prime Meridian                                                            Matthew Shephard       3:00
Mt. Pleasant High School Jazz Combo             Matt Taton                   4:00

Location: Band Shell (In the event of inclement weather these performances will be at the Barry County Community Foundation)
Performer                                                       Director/Leader         Time
New Revival Jazz Band                                                                                    Noon
Third Coast Steel                                                                                               1:15
WMU Faculty Jazz Quartet                                                                                     2:30
St. Louis High School Steel Drum Band                      Stephen Lawhorne       3:45
Hastings High School Steel Drum Band                       Spencer White             4:45
Mott Middle College Steel Band                                                        6:00
With Special Guests:  Jim Coviak and Friends

Music at the Restaurants While You Dine

County Seat Restaurant         Kevin Krieger   12:00 – 1:30 on the Patio (Inclement weather in restaurant)
Sweet Swing Trio  2:00 – 3:00 on the Patio (Inclement weather in restaurant)
Big Willy  7:00 – 11:00 PM

Seasonal Grille                        Ken Morgan and Bob Ricci  Duo  12:00 – 2:00
Edye Evans-Hyde and Michael Hyde  5:00 – 7:00

Walldorff Bistro                          Tony LaJoye Trio  12:00 – 2:00          and  5:00 – 7:00


Headliner Concert – Central Auditorium – 8:00 PM
Western Michigan University Gold Company              
             With Special Guests:  High School Combined Choirs, Directed by Duane Davis

Open Jam with Thornapple Jazz Orchestra               Walldorff Ballroom                                     9:30 – 11:00
Musicians Welcome to sit in.


Saturday, April 26, 2014

Location: Hastings City Bank
Performer                                                       Director/Leader         Time
East Grand Rapids HS Jazz Ensemble             Mark Wells                  10:00
Grand Rapids West Catholic HS Jazz Band     Darren LaPrise             11:00
Big Rapids High School Jazz Ensemble                       Brian Balch                  12:00
Second Chance Combo                                               Dave Macqueen                       1:00
Big Band Novou                                              Michael Doyle             2:00

Location: Walldorff Ballroo
Performer                                                       Director/Leader         Time
East Kentwood HS Jazz Ensemble I                James Ross                  11:00
Tri County High School Jazz Band                  Howard Wilson                        12:00
East Lansing High School Jazz Band               David Larzelere                       1:00
East Kentwood HS Jazz Band II                                  Dr. James Sawyer        2:00

Location: Hastings Public Library
Performer                                                       Director/Leader         Time
Kalamazoo Central HS Jazz Band                   Sandra Shaw                10:00
Vicksburg High School Early Dawgs               Ben Rosier                   11:00
Vicksburg High School Top Dawgs                 Ben Rosier                   12:00
Grand Rapids Christian HS Jazz Ensemble      Katherine Hollemans   1:00

Location: State Grounds Coffee House
Performer                                                       Director/Leader         Time
Big Rapids High School Combo                                  Brian Balch                  10:30
Kalamazoo Loy Norrix            Combo                         Benje Daneman                       11:30
Grand Rapids West Catholic Combo               Darren LaPrise             12:30
Grand Rapids Christian Combo                                   Katherine Hollemans   2:30
East Lansing High School Combo                    David Larzelere                       3:30

Location: Band Shell (Rain Venue: Barry Community Enrichment Center)
Performer                                                                   Director/Leader         Time
Jackson French Quarter Dixieland Jazz Band              Phil Bickel                   11:00
Lansing Community College Jazz Band                                   Jon Gewirtz                 12:15
Kellogg Community College Jazz Ensemble                Tom Lockwood                       1:30
Featuring: Steve Talaga
Swingtet Jazz                                                               Keith Cole                   2:30
Grand Rapids Community College Jazz Ensemble      Mike Gillan/Robert Engelsman            3:30
Afro Zuma                                                                                                       5:00

Location: Old Library
Performer                                                       Director/Leader         Time
Grand River Big Band                                     Bill Vanderploeg          1:15
Lake Effect Big Band                                      Brad Jensen                 2:30
Otsego Jazz Ensemble                                     Chuck Lund                 3:45
Lew Boyd Band                                               Drake Olmstead                       5:00

Music at the Restaurants While You Dine
County Seat Restaurant           Up The Creek  11:00 – 12:00 on the patio (in restaurant if it rains)
                                                                        Big Willy   7:00 – 11:00 PM
Seasonal Grille                           Robin Connell Duo   12:00 – 2:00   and    4:30 – 6:30
Walldorff Bistro                         Tony LaJoye Trio   12:00 – 2:00
My Thin Place  4:30 – 6:30

Headliner Concert – Central Auditorium – 7:00 PM
Grand Rapids Jazz Orchestra  With Edye Evans-Hyde

With Special Guests:      Middle School All Star Band, Directed by Cary Kocher
                                                 High School All Star Band, Directed by Ted Malt

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